RNN is a non-profit organization that provides first aid training to Christian church and community members in rural villages throughout Nepal.


Accident victims in Nepal will receive first aid through a network of trained and equipped volunteers, who follow the example of the Good Samaritan. Churches will enhance their ministries through caring in acci... read more


Anyone who has driven around Nepal knows how dangerous its roads can be. Before the 1950s there were only a handful of vehicles operating in the Kathmandu Valley, the road network in the countryside and hills b... read more


Now the RNN is running in four years RNN has managed to achieve a great deal: it has conducted trainings in 72 widely separated communities and churches, from as far west as Kailali district to Panchthar dist... read more


Each training session lasts two full days. RNN trainers have found that the optimum number of participants is between 25-30, as this ensures that each participant will get enough one-on-one attention to properl... read more

Past Events

Things that touched my heart. – Jaya Thapa
April 24, 2015  |   Nepalgunj, Kohalpur

Things that touched my heart. – Jaya Thapa... read more

Health camp at Valche, Nuwakot
10 July, 2015
Valche, Nuwakot
Health camp and First Aider Training
5th July to 7th July, 2015
Thuladurlung, Southern Lalitpur

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  • In that refresher program, Sajan Neupane told us about the activities he did after getting the training interestingly. He told us that when his sister-in-law got choked while having her food, he helped her to take that bone out by the technique taught by the training from Rescue Network Nepal. He told that he was quiet benefitted with this training and if he was not there on time, he would have probably lost her. He had also learnt how to lift a heavy person in the training and in the same way; he lifted a heavy person and aided him. He had done many dressings and also made good utilization of all first aid tools given by Rescue Network Nepal and helped many people.

    sajan neupane

  • One of the participants named Sara Shrestha had also taken the training and she had come for refresher program. Although she was less educated, she was happy to get the training. She learnt how to help people when they are faint. She liked women's health and nutrition classes most in our training. Moreover, she wants to learn more of it and help women in her village and church.

    sara shrestha

  • She was also participating in our refresher program. From the very beginning, she wanted to participate in helping people in need. Indeed, she had helped people in different accidents by lifting them up from the place of accident. However, after getting this first aid training, she had helped more than 150 people by doing dressing to their wounds. Due to lack of medicine, she was unable to provide better services and she wished to get support from Rescue Network Nepal.


    Durga Biswakarma Koirala